Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Board Meeting 7/16

Please join us for our monthly board meeting on July 16 at 4 PM in Council Chambers

The agenda is as follows:
Meeting of the Directors                                                              
I.                   Approve June Minutes

II.                Organizational Matters
a.       TD Bank Presentation (tentative)
b.      Board Vacancy: Introduce Andrei Niles.
c.       Policy Updates
d.      Monthly Financial Report

III.             Disposition Proposals/Project Proposals/Property Updates
a.      13 Chambers Street (with resolution to choose contractors)
b.      29 Chambers Street
c.       55 Chambers
d.      96 Broadway
e.      Neighborhood Preservation Program Update (with resolution to seek bids and select contractors)
f.        Lander Street Update
g.      New Acquisition List

IV.              Old Business
a.      AG Project Update
b.      Public Outreach Update

V.                 New Business
a.       Incentive Document
b.      HCR Site Visit
c.       Eric Schneiderman Visit/Press Conference
d.      New Website & Instagram
e.       Window Board Project with GroundWork Hudson Valley
f.        Marketing Concepts
g.       Housing for Everyone (with Grant Resolution to apply for funds)
VI.              Next Meeting                                                                                                                

a.       September 17, 2014 (4:00 pm-5:30 pm)

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